Bozeman, Montana

About the Doctor


Dr. McKenzie Mescon is a naturopathic doctor and a graduate of the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL (summa cum laude).  Dr. Mescon found naturopathic medicine through several avenues of influence, including growing up with her mother, Dr. Valori Treloar, an integrative dermatologist with a passion for nutrition.  Before her formal medical training began at NUHS, Dr. Mescon interned with Dr. Ann Sura at NaturaMed in Kings Beach California, where she solidified her resolve to become an ND.  During her formal clinical training, Dr. Mescon further developed her naturopathic toolbox by completing training in IV Nutrition Therapy.  She also completed a preceptorship in naturopathic primary care with Dr. Margaret Beeson at the Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic in Billings, MT.

Dr. Mescon holds naturopathic philosophy close, and believes that humans evolved on this earth to be well.  Naturopathic therapies work best when we attend to our natural state of being and create all the conditions for health.  This requires that we listen to our bodies and, most importantly, that the doctor and the patient work together to individualize treatment.  Dr. Mescon is passionate about providing exceptional naturopathic primary care to her community.  As a naturopathic doctor, she is an expert in combining natural therapies and traditional healing wisdom with the latest conventional medical knowledge.

Dr. Mescon balances her career with spending time outside in the natural world with her partner Hanzi.  Dr. Mescon is also a writer, and has shared her stories of the past several years on a blog published through NUHS.  You can read more about Dr. Mescon and her current practice here on Spring Integrative Health’s website!